Mysore Style teaching refers to the traditional method of Ashtanga Yoga as it was taught by K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, South India. Students progress through a series of postures performed to the rhythm of one’s natural breathing. Postures are taught one at a time based on each student’s authentic inner-knowing, breathing, flexibility, strength, and dedication to practice. This method of teaching is intended to foster self-reliance and independence in the process of developing a personal yoga practice.

This class is designed for students interested in learning the traditional method of Ashtanga Yoga. Intro to Mysore class is suitable for the absolute beginner, those making the transition from other Yoga disciplines, or more experienced practitioners willing to go back to the basics to shift practice habits and patterns. Instruction will be given during the on-going daily Mysore classes to which you are being introduced.

This four-week course (3 times per week minimum, 5-6 times per week is a daily practice and is highly encouraged) will cover the basic principles and foundations of Ashtanga Yoga as it was taught by K. Pattabhi Jois. You are guided step by step in a clear and concise manner, building on the previous teachings each week to encourage you to develop a safe and fulfilling practice. Commit to one time (3 times per week minimum, 5-6 times per week is a daily practice and is highly encouraged) which you can attend consistently. (see schedule) Enrollment is open and students may start anytime during the month.


New students observe a class before enrolling in the program and may begin on any day during the month. To observe, arrive any day M-TH between 7:45-8:30 am. You will read a short handout explaining the practice/teaching methodology, and observe the class for at least 15 minutes. Any further questions you have will be answered. New students begin with an asana practice that lasts between 15 to 45 minutes, and will gradually increase in duration as you develop. You will not be expected to know any of the sequence as a beginner, on the contrary, the less you know the better! New students must pre-register for one full month.


If you are currently committed to a daily practice of at least 4-6x’s per week OR seeking to build up to that level of practice frequency then the CPP is for you.

This is an on-going program solely for the purpose of deepening practice and building sangha. AYB is offering it for anyone with that level of commitment who knows the value of, or wants to learn the value of increasing Potency, Patience and Progress.


In our practice, potency is one of the three most crucial factors. By condensing the time period and assigning you specific start times we as a group will create a much stronger energetic field that will be sustained through out the entire session each day.

By focusing on potency in the this way you will be able to consciously direct your minds attention to the movement of energy in your breath and body.


Waiting is one of the most difficult things to do in LIFE. If you are working on an asana in the practice that is difficult for you, don’t rush past it or skip it.

This method of practice is designed specifically to give you the opportunity to deepen into the yogic process by turning into the challenge, making a conscious choice of releasing blockages and fear held within your body/mind. Each day, slowly over time your body will open and clear.

This is the essence of the ancient practice that has been lost over time and we want you to refocus your attention and commitment by bringing it back into your daily practice.


Practicing in a slow and steady manner with intelligence and devotion brings about concrete results that allow for greater ease to the system and are longer lasting over time.

The priority and energy that this methodology gives to increasing and progressing your practice means that you are going to experience these benefits: greater strength and flexibility, increased circulation, and feeling of steadiness and calm.

Who can attend/apply: 

If you are a student who is interested in building your daily practice you may apply. The program requires 4-6x’s per week attendance to participate.

This CPP is not for everyone, if you think that it is for you then fill out this online form at this link, here, and we will contact you with in a few days.

*By filling out the form you are not obligating yourself to the program or yet accepted into the program.*

LED CLASS 2020 Dates: 1/10, 2/14, 4/10, 5/8, 6/12, 7/10, 8/14, 9/11, 10/9, 11/13, 12/11

In a Led Primary Series class, the teacher calls out the postures and vinyasas (counted movements linking the postures with the breath) of the Ashtanga Primary Series. The group moves and breathes together in sync. These are focused, highly energetic classes and recommended for experienced students. A Led Primary Series class is effective in flushing away unconstructive self-practice habits such as a wandering mind, losing the connection with the breath, or fidgeting between postures, and provides an opportunity to refine your practice by following the ‘count’ as it is traditionally prescribed.


Private Sessions are available, please call 510.301.6747 to inquire.