Dynamic Stillness School: Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Course/Initiatory & Embryology Courses

Teacher: Giorgia Milne
Date: BCT MC 2018/2019 - BCT IC May 31-June 2, 2019 - Embryology Course June 22-24, 2019

BCT Initiatory Course May 31-June 2, 2019

Biodynamic Cranial Touch (BCT) “Stillness Touch” uses simple hands-on contact to restore the body’s natural state of wisdom and harmony. Open to craniosacral practitioners and bodyworkers of all kinds. We also welcome psychotherapists with a somatic interest and meditation, movement and yoga instructors who wish to integrate conscious touch into their practice. Most important is your maturity and sincerity combined with an openness to let go of what you already know, to let yourself be informed by, and touch from stillness. This course serves as required prerequisite for BCT Mentor Course.

BCT Stillness Practices focus on practitioner development, trusting the wisdom of the forces that create, maintain, heal, and evolve us, as bodies of consciousness and Love. Required reading: Stillness ~ Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness by Charles Ridley

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BCT Mentor Course  2018/2019

Provides the opportunity and support to progressively cultivate and maintain a living, intimate, ever-deepening, and continuous body-felt-sense connection with the Breath of Life. Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentoring offers a way to competently practice this evolution of consciousness approach. It is a 120 hour training structured as four 4-day in-person courses with group interim Zoom meetings as well as individualized mentoring.

Open to those who wish to develop personally, or who want to become a Biodynamic Cranial Touch Practitioner. We welcome professional practitioners of all types, including bodyworkers, graduates of other craniosacral or biodynamic programs, psycho-therapists, medical practitioners, people who work with animals, midwives, and end of life care-givers… Because the training is so all encompassing, the list goes on.

A Mentor Course develops out of a field of interest to immerse oneself in the work, and often as a response to an uncanny yet inexorable “calling”. To join the MC everyone, without exception, must successfully complete the Initiatory Course, or equivalent Private Intensive, and have teacher approval. Many people have participated in a MC for personal and professional growth, realizing the benefit of the practices and approach in their current inner work, career, and everyday lives.

#2 Nov 1-4, 2018 / #3 Feb 14-18, 2019 / #4 June 27-30, 2019

Embryology ~ Sprit & Essence June 22-24, 2019  10 am – 6 pm

Open to a vast world of self-discovery and healing potential through the exploration of the conditions and metabolic forces of early embryogenesis. That differentiation can be understood as the successful alignment of spatially orderedmolecular movements within a metabolic relational field. This principle repeats itself over and again in increas- ing complexity yet is never separating. There is no cell division, it is only subdivision.

Creation~Destruction~Maintenance happen all together, all at once.

This workshop covers the basic principles of development of the human embryo from pre and post conception to week four, which is the time of greatest transformative growth. The natural principles of these early stages have much to teach us about finding health through wholeness. It is open to anyone interested in the subject as the implications are far reaching for any modality, as well as everyday life.

Prior knowledge of anatomy and embryology not required. Immerse yourself in this experiential workshop to sense directly the creative forces that guide our growth, development, and maintenance.

Wholeness is always here.

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Giorgia Milne brings a rare quality of presence that is heartfelt, spirit-filled, and deeply intelligent. Her openness, sensitivity and integrity create an atmosphere of respect, trust, and safety. She embodies 30 years integration of medical, spiritual, Indigenous Wisdom Ways, meditation, inquiry, movement, sacred bodywork, and cranial practices. She has taught worldwide for 16 years.

For more info or to register contact Giorgia at: giorgia@touchofpresence.com

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